Essential Software for Mac OS X

These are the software that I use most often under Mac OS X.

For videos, nothing beats VLC (or VideoLAN Client). It plays all the common video formats and is constantly being improved by a dedicated team of developers.

I use iPhoto for managing my photo library. I find the integration with the rest of the iLife suite flawless, and particular enjoy the ease of resizing and e-mailing photos directly from the application.

This is a no-brainer; iTunes is the best music player on the market.

For Java programming, I use NetBeans 4.0, and Eclipse to a lesser degree.

For PHP development, I find that Vim suits all my needs.

I find Terminal to be more than enough for the tasks that I perform most often on the command line.

Mail and Internet is the best e-mail client, simply because it has an excellent spam filter.

For USENET, I use MT-Newswatcher. It appears to be no longer in active development; however, it suits all my needs.

For surfing, I used to like Safari a lot, but recently I have started visiting sites that are not fully supported by it. So, I am gradually switching to Firefox.

For IRC, X-Chat Aqua is the client to use. It is just as excellent as the original X-Chat.

For instant messaging, I use Adium. The duck theme is cute and the team releases frequent updates.

I think that is about all I have on my iBook at the moment. As anyone can see, very little is required for a pleasant experience with Mac OS X. Most of the tools listed are free or cost very little.

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2 Replies to “Essential Software for Mac OS X”

  1. Thats a cool set of tools you are using, I discovered a couple whilst reading your blog. I use FireFox and Eclipse too , along with WSAD , Seach&Replace tool , TOAD , XMLSPY , etc… Did you actually pay for MyEclipse plugin or you are using a trial version of the plugin?

    keep the good work,

  2. I actually subscribed to MyEclipse when I was actively developing J2EE applications. Now, I use it only very rarely, that is not to say that it is not good. On the contrary, it is. My issue with Eclipse/MyEclipse is the performance, although I found out that 3.1 is more responsive than previous versions. So I may well go back to Eclipse after all. Talking about dilemna :-)

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