MyEclipse IDE Now Supports Eclipse 3.1

Via Javalobby:

The latest releases of the MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench (version 3.8.4) for Eclipse 3.0.x and Eclipse 3.1 M4 are now available for immediate download. Theses releases are available for all supported platforms – Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

The new MyEclipse release for Eclipse 3.1 is a god-send, as it allows me to start using Eclipse again. Indeed, Eclipse pre-3.1 was too slow under Mac OS X for my needs, and Eclipse 3.1 was not supported by MyEclipse IDE which made it useless for me.

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  1. This new version of MyEclipseIDE is a god-send. At least, it gives me the option of switching between NetBeans and Eclipse with confidence, knowing that both will have approximately the same performance and have good and bad points. Choice is always good.

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