Matisse, the killer feature from NetBeans

“Matisse”: is a killer feature. Granted, it does not shine in originality — it looks very similar to the way Apple’s Interface Builder does things — but this is a godsend for Java developers who write desktop applications and to the countless number who have struggled with GridBagLayout.

I cannot wait for Matisse to be backported into Java 1.4.2.

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JSTL tip, using fn:replace

This piece of code will not work, despite one’s best efforts:

Neither will this:

However, this will work. Beats me.

Koders Code Search

Koders aspires to become the Google of open-source software projects. It allows anyone to search the code base of thousands of open-source projects. Searches can be done on either simple keywords, or complex criteria including language and type of licence used. Plugins are available for Eclipse and Visual Studio, which makes it easier for programmers to find code extracts from the comfort of their IDE. Another nice feature of Koders is the ability to view statistics for software projects.

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