See Windows Vista

A quick follow-up on my earlier post. Despite boasting about being a Mac OS X guy to someone who asked me if I had tried Windows Vista Beta 2 myself, I am curious about what is brewing in the Windows world. Although developing applications for Windows is what puts food on our table and pays the mortgage, I have remained relatively detached from the recent developments coming from Microsoft.

Anyway, to see what is coming up in Windows Vista, there is no better place than See Windows Vista. Judging from the promotional videos, the features of the new operating system — the back-end features, that is — vastly improve on the ease of developing graphics-heavy applications. Of course, the Microsoft marketing gurus have chosen the juiciest videos, but there is one irrefutable trend: applications are becoming more and more graphical.

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Validating a Date Field with RIFE

Here is a quick way to validate a multi-part date field in RIFE. By “multi-part field”, I mean one that is made of several fields, in this particular case, a date field, a month field and a year field.

This is best done by creating a bean to hold the input data. Say, we are creating a form to schedule a task. The required input are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Due date

The TaskBean will be as follows:

The gist of the solution here is the addRule method of Validation subclass. It adds a new AbstractValidationRule that contains a method for validating a given input (in this case, the due date) and returning any found error.