Windows XP on the MacBook Pro

I am running Windows XP within a Parallels on my MacBook Pro. All my software work flawlessly and as fast as on a native installation, which I can only attribute to the excellent virtualisation technology in the Core Duo processor.

I considered installing Windows XP on a separate partition and using BootCamp to boot into it, but dropped the idea when I discovered Parallels. I was so impressed that I did not have to wait for the end of the trial period to purchase a licence. Parallels is one of these must-have software for the Mac.

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3 Replies to “Windows XP on the MacBook Pro”

  1. I’ve already decided on using Parallels. I can’t be bothered about dual-booting my laptop, as I think it’s counter-productive. I’ve ordered some additional RAM to be able to run Windows XP comfortably within Mac OS X.

    I used to like Eclipse until I realised it was awfully bloated. Out of all the IDEs currently available I prefer Visual Studio .NET 2005 although I remain a fervent supporter of NetBeans.

    To be honest, Microsoft’s new approach to development technologies and tools is very good, and I would not be surprised if they are win the development tool war.

  2. I got a macbook pro a month ago along with a Parallels. I agree that running XP on parallels is pretty damn cool BUT… Visual Studio 2005 runs a LOT better on my IBM Thinkpad laptop which is running a much older Intel chipset. If you want to do hardcore Visual Studio development do it outside of Parallels.

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