Fun with WiFi Freeriders

Want to get rid of your free-rider neighbours abusing your WiFi network? Then, this tutorial is for you!

It provides a step-by-step guide to protect your WiFi network from free-riders. The technique used is the same as that adopted by WiFi service providers to redirect users to a payment page, except that you will be taking them to various unknown destinations instead.

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Choosing the Best Tool for the Job

Kathy Sierra wrote an interesting entry on her Creating Passionate Users blog about how the “right tool” is not always the “best tool” for the job. According to Sierra, one factor that is not to be neglected is the level of enthusiasm for using the tool, which can sometimes be even more important than the perceived appropriateness of it. Of the three main considerations (appropriateness, expertise and enthusiasm), expertise remains essential nonetheless.

I mostly agree with Sierra’s opinion that the urge to learn a tool often creates enthusiasm and drives productivity upward. However, this holds true only if the users are capable and learn efficiently. If that is not the case, there is a risk that projects get delayed as users struggle with the tool. In most cases, seasoned developers can apply their past experiences to quickly become efficient with new tools. And, driven by enthusiasm, they become highly productive.

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