What next?

Look what I’ve just found: my old blog dedicated to programming.

Moved from coding.mu to the present location, security-compromised, then retired altogether because it was too difficult to remove the attacker’s rootkit, it was recently recovered by my good sys-admin friend when he migrated websites to new servers.

It is a walk down memory lane for me. The first post was published on Movable Type in August 2003 when WordPress was unheard of, and most of the remaining posts are about Java or PHP. A lot has changed since then: I don’t do as much PHP coding anymore, and I no longer rave about Apple products although I’ve upgraded from my Nokia 6630 to an Apple iPhone. Some things remain the same, though: I still code a lot in Java, and NetBeans is still my favourite IDE.

I have not yet decided what to do with this blog, as I consider that there are already enough blogs dedicated to programming. In the meantime, it will stay online and — hopefully — still be useful to some readers.

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