The unit in unit-testing

The interpretation of “unit” in unit testing to mean a class is wrong. This and an unfortunate misunderstanding of Kent Beck’s “run unit tests in isolation” still drive developers to test their classes in extreme isolation with consequences that are irrationally attributed to test-driven development (TDD) as not being viable. When we exaggerate decoupling in […]

Learning BASE64 encoding

I used to search the web whenever I needed to do BASE64 encoding in my code, but when today I had to do it again, I thought it would be beneficial in the long run to learn the algorithm. It turned out to be not too difficult. The point of BASE64 is to communicate binary data […]

How we use SQL Server Data Tools

This post describes the process that we use to develop databases with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) in Visual Studio. Conventions For this process to work, the conventions below must be followed. Use the live database as the gold standard for schema objects (and data). Deploy only database projects that have been built successfully. Deploy to a database that matches […]

What next?

Look what I’ve just found: my old blog dedicated to programming. Moved from to the present location, security-compromised, then retired altogether because it was too difficult to remove the attacker’s rootkit, it was recently recovered by my good sys-admin friend when he migrated websites to new servers. It is a walk down memory lane for me. The […]

Fun with WiFi Freeriders

Want to get rid of your free-rider neighbours abusing your WiFi network? Then, this tutorial is for you! It provides a step-by-step guide to protect your WiFi network from free-riders. The technique used is the same as that adopted by WiFi service providers to redirect users to a payment page, except that you will be […]

Parallels on MacBook Pro

I am very pleased with my decision to run Windows XP in Parallels instead of using a different partition for BootCamp. Not only have I avoided the hassle of having to reboot each time I need to switch between Mac OS X and Windows XP, I also get near-native performance in Windows XP. I installed […]

Windows XP on the MacBook Pro

I am running Windows XP within a Parallels on my MacBook Pro. All my software work flawlessly and as fast as on a native installation, which I can only attribute to the excellent virtualisation technology in the Core Duo processor. I considered installing Windows XP on a separate partition and using BootCamp to boot into […]