Reading files in Visual Basic, GW-Basic style

Recently I was asked how to read a file without using streams in Visual Basic.

Of course, if you’ve done this once in GW-Basic, you never forget.

    Dim iFileNumber As Integer
    Dim sLine As String

    iFileNumber = FreeFile
    Open "C:\stats.log" For Input As iFileNumber
    Do While Not EOF(iFileNumber)
        Input #iFileNumber, sLine
        MsgBox sLine

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  1. If you are wanting to read a whole line (up to the next cr/lf pair), ammend your code to:

    Line Input #iFileNumber, sLine

    Input by itself is used to read comma seperated values in the order they were written:

    Print #iFileNumber, 1, “A test”

    Input #iFileNumber, iMyInt, sMyString

    Hope this helps :-)

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