Disabling Bluetooth auto-suspend with module options

In my previous post I showed how to restart Bluetooth on Debian Linux. Here I explain how to disable Bluetooth auto-suspend with a kernel module option.

The behaviour of kernel modules can be controlled with parameters. The command modinfo shows information about a module and lists its parameters. In the example below, modinfo btusb shows the parameters for the Bluetooth module.

# modinfo btusb
parm:           disable_scofix:Disable fixup of wrong SCO buffer size (bool)
parm:           force_scofix:Force fixup of wrong SCO buffers size (bool)
parm:           enable_autosuspend:Enable USB autosuspend by default (bool)
parm:           reset:Send HCI reset command on initialization (bool)

To control Bluetooth auto-suspend, we must use the parameter enable_autosuspend. It can be set in a configuration file in directory /etc/modprobe.d/.

options btusb enable_autosuspend=0

Here I have added the kernel option to disable Bluetooth auto-suspend in file btusb_autosuspend-disable.conf.

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