Debian Linux, kernel 5.19, and crypttab

A Debian Linux system, running kernel 5.19 with Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS) encryption, sometimes fails to boot from the suspend state, with the error message: Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device.

This failure does not happen on kernel 5.18 and seems related to how the swap partition is set up in LVM volumes. For example, it occurs on my laptop with the swap partition in a volume group spanning two encrypted devices, but not on my desktop with the same partition in a volume group on a single encrypted device.

To resolve this error, identify the device that cannot be mounted at boot and add option initramfs to its corresponding entry in /etc/crypttab. This change forces the device to be opened during the initramfs stage at boot. (Typically, the device should automatically be identified and set up during this stage, as it was in kernel 5.18.)

Note that option initramfs is supported in only the Debian version of /etc/crypttab.

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