How to Parse Dates from Strings

This example shows how to parse dates from strings using the SimpleDateFormat class. The pattern is specified in the constructor, but could also be done with the applyPattern(String pattern) method.

This example should help ease the difficulty that all beginners seem to face when dealing with formatting dates in Java.    

Three Golden Rules to Tackle Complexity

According to Tim Newing, the IT Director of Camelot, there are three golden rules for tackling complexity in IT projects. Do not think of a complex project, but think of a collection of simple solutions. Manage outside the “business as usual”; instead, set up a different business structure so that the project team is not […]

Successes in UK IT

The IT industry in the UK has had a couple of much-needed success stories recently. This is a breath of fresh air amidst daily reports of major IT projects failing. The first success is the completed modernisation of the British Transport Police IT systems. The second is the positive progress made by the IT department […]

Robust Java Exception Handling

Hoa Dang Nguyen and Magnar Sveen published a very interesting paper on building robust Java applications by correctly applying exception handling. They explain how exceptions work in Java, when and how to use them, and provide sample source code to demonstrate their recommendations. In the past, I have written about exception handling best practice and […]

Java Development on Mac OS X

If you are considering a move to the Mac for your Java development needs, then this comparison of Java development on different platforms is just for you. Interestingly, it claims that Windows XP runs faster than Mac OS X on the new Intel-based Mac. Technorati Tags: apple, mac+os+x, java, programming, benchmark

See Windows Vista

A quick follow-up on my earlier post. Despite boasting about being a Mac OS X guy to someone who asked me if I had tried Windows Vista Beta 2 myself, I am curious about what is brewing in the Windows world. Although developing applications for Windows is what puts food on our table and pays […]